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This page is a list of tech development ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011.
Also see OMwiki:Tech for a list of other outstanding technical issues, and OMwiki:Volunteer for other ways to get involved.


[edit] Adopting Highly-Reconfigurable, Networked Cameras for Live-Streamed Meetings

"Elphel, Inc. "provide[s] high performance cameras based on free software and hardware designs." These cameras are more akin to miniaturized computer devices, complete with Ethernet and USB connectivity, than traditional cinematic cameras. The purpose of this project is to investigate adoption of these cameras as a "go-to" solution for live-streaming meetings using entirely free-and-open-source software and hardware. A network of such cameras could be preset to not only live-stream video released under a Creative Commons license, but would also facilitate a standardized citation framework for furthering discussions contained within the meetings across a broad range of important topics." From this non-funded proposal

  • Work with GChriss to implement this project. A camera will be supplied.

[edit] Integration: Temporal Commenting on Video Streams

"A good way to increase project visibility would be to integrate dents (also CC-BY). A basic start would be to load dents in a new time-aligned text layer according to a common hashtag, such that visitors could see who dented what during a meeting. I have a PHP script that saves dents for this purpose." -From this email thread

  • Read this tread and this feature request, then assess ways to implement the feature request. Variations on a theme are also OK.

[edit] Re-enable the Kaltura HTML5 Player

Problem: widespread changes in Kaltura's HTML5 player break interoperability with MetaVidWiki. From Michael Dale, the lead developer of both:

"It would be faster to write a new sub module specific to metavid or re-engineer the project per the updated efforts... if just dealing with the client side it would not be an unreasonable amount of work.

The extension that is holding the latest player and timed text stuff is:

The gadget components are here:

We could probably just extend TimedMediaHandler to work "just as a client" work with the "metavid" backend."

  • This is a fantastic opportunity to tear apart the internals of both a cutting-edge open video player and MetaVidWiki; note the HTML5 Player is the primary playback and in-browser editing solution for the Wikimedia Foundation (e.g., deployment in Wikipedia).

[edit] Re-design the Visual Finding Aid

Problem: The Visual Finding Aid (VFA) is helpful to finding a meeting you remember visually, but not when and where. The VFA is just a collection of animated .gifs, causing slow page loads, limited scalability, and no ability to 'scrub' an individual .gif or jump to the frame of interest.

  • Replace animated GIFs with low-FPS, enlargeable, jump-to-timecode Theora. Alternatively, use mouse-overs (see $(imagePoster).load(function() {...})). The thumbnails should cycle through the meeting in large time chunks when non-mouseover'd, and then display clickable frames according the how far the mouse is from the left edge when mouseover'd. Include the ability to pause all animations and step through all meetings in per-click lock-step syndication.

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