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[edit] What information we collect

  • Any information voluntarily supplied by you (e.g., email addresses, page edits)
  • Any information voluntarily supplied by your browser (e.g., the user agent string, page referrer)
  • The origin IP address and full URL pathname of every page request for the past three weeks, kept to track CPU usage on shared hosting
  • Site bandwidth usage, sorted by time-of-day and protocol type, which is retained for an extended period of time

[edit] What we can do with this data

  • View fancy graphs generated via cPanel modules (Webalizer, Awstats, Error logs, Bandwidth, Latest Visitors, etc.)
  • Periodically (but not obsessively) view this data to check that the site is operating properly
  • Reprocess this data as needed

[edit] Things we do not do

  • Advanced tracking on viewer–page interaction (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Provide non-conglomerate data to third–parties without prior consent
Acceptable: providing total bandwidth usage to third parties, public listings of page view counts
Not acceptable: selling email addresses or other personal information
  • Advanced tracking on viewer–video interaction
Acceptable: Counting the number of times an individual video has been loaded into a page
Not acceptable: Counting the number of time you hit 'rewind' on a video segment
  • Loading of any content that does not originate from (e.g., foreign JavaScript)

[edit] Things that we would like to change

[edit] Other notes

  • Tor viewing/editing access is permitted as of 21-March-2010
  • Embedded of videos on remote sites triggers collection of the above data.
  • No guarantees of privacy should be implied.
  • Also see the general disclaimer.

All videos and text are published under the CC-BY 3.0 U. S. or CC-BY-SA 3.0. copyright licenses.  Details.