[edit] Remote Embedding

[edit] Simple hyperlinking, plan A

Link to the Internet Archive item description page. This is "safe" but the video is slightly obfuscated pending better in-browser playback.

[edit] Simple hyperlinking, plan B

Link directly to any page. This should be fine for playback in mid-Atlantic area, but maybe spotty for other areas due to a lack of a content delivery network and use of shared hosting. This goes for embed code too, but perhaps to a lesser extent as there's less JavaScript involved.

[edit] Embed code

Use the embed code for either the entire meeting or a clip -- note the embed code changes according to if you are looking at the entire meeting (click "Meeting Overview") or just a clip (streams default to the first 20 min.). This provides a playback wrapper and bundled transcripts.

Be sure to click the caption button on the bottom edge.

Also, it may help to move the:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

bit into the HTML <head>. Note that use of transcluded JavaScript is not necessarily "safe" from a browser security standpoint, and that remote site traffic data is sent to

[edit] Copying raw video

Copy the raw video, or clips thereof, into the remote site via the <video> tag. This approach is a bit advanced; the embed code takes care of a lot of in-browser playback magic.

To obtain valid clips in Firefox, right-click on the video clip during playback and select "Save Video As...". Alternatively, use a URL of the following form:

To obtain an entire movie, download the complete file via the Ogg Theora link file contained in the Internet Archive item description page.

Also, please check that the wiki has the correct MIME types registered for Xiph media: see MIMETypesCodecs

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