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[edit] Getting started

  1. Create then personalize your userpage.
  2. Hang out on #metavid (+ #mediawiki for tech people) on IRC.
  3. Download Miro and subscribe to the RSS feeds. This helps ensure a copy of each meeting is available to others.
  4. Use for Twitter/Identica hashtags.
  5. Post favorite clips as Facebook Status Updates (use the URL w/ proper timecode as a link in status updates – thumbnails work) or other social networks.

[edit] Byte-sized tasks

  1. Fill-out the tag cloud on the main page by categorizing clips.
  2. Enter in new names and headshots at OMwiki:Speakers.
  3. Tell your friends!
  4. Newly-uploaded meetings have an associated start-time and are searchable by calendar date. However, this data haven't been entered for most meetings. Using an online calculator, find the Unix epoch using information provided at the start of each video taking into account daylight savings time and time zone differences (GMT is +4 hr to Eastern Daylight Time). Send results to GChriss.
  5. Identify and record open meetings in your area (ask for help, too). Upload the event to Calendar:Meetings.

All videos and text are published under the CC-BY 3.0 U. S. or CC-BY-SA 3.0. copyright licenses.  Details.