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Ok. I would like to welcome everybody to the Filmakers Summit. Thanks so much for joining us today and thanks to all those people that are out there watching on that wild thing called the Internet. Today’s event is made possible by Slamdance. Obviously, thanks for hosting us. And to the Open Video Alliance, which is a great organization. I encourage all of you to check it out. Special thanks to all of our sponsors: Indie Flicks, which is a great destination site for those looking for distribution options for their work; X Mission which is providing bandwith to us today; and Flumotion which is helping us with all the streaming. So big thanks to those guys. So I think today is a lofty goal. When I initially was talking with Peter and some of those other folks about doing a Filmakers Summit, the idea was to look forward a bit. What I hope to do today is I think everyone is pretty Familiar with the woes of the industry where the problems lie. What I think would be great today is if we were just to look today and say “what do we want it to be” or “how can we potentially shape it?” What’s that new infrastructure we can use? What still exists from the previous system that is of value. What needs to be changed and how can we effective work together not just here domestically but also internationally? So we have a number of people who will be Skyping in from various parts of the –world- and the idea will be to have some transparency and look at what the processes are like in their parts of the world and what they’re doing. Some of it will be practical and some will be blue sky thinking, but overall you could parlay it to an incubator or however you want to call it. Hopefully this is just one of many. There are a lot of different events happing all over the place and there are a lot of people that are talking about these subjects. We encourage you to participate if you like, with the hashtag of #FS10 and then there’s the streaming site at slamdance.com/summit. Obviously for the people in the room you don’t have to go to the site, since you’re sitting here. In addition to that, there’s a Q & A site that has a voting system to it. We have one scheduling change.

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