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Noel Dickover: Did we get everybody? OK, do we want to go through the introductions/scheduling?

Wayne Moses Burke: Let's let—I keep wanting to call you Chris, I'm so sorry—George Chriss, not Chris George, talk a little about the video, and if there's anything you need to say.

Hi everybody.
Noel Dickover: He's got a real nametag, look at that!
This is from the Open Video Conference, a very "hot" conference, New York University, just a few months ago. A lot of the ideas that came out of this conference we're starting to extend into new markets, new ideas, new areas such as governance.

On that note I'm happy to be here. I would actually take a little bit of an exception [in] that this mic does amplify your voice—not in this room, but online. <room laughter>
Treat it accordingly.

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