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Ben Moskowitz: It's a really good discussion, I almost feel bad for interrupting it. I'm a coordinator of the Open Video Alliance, which is a coalition of organizations who are focused on building open–video ecosystems. The idea of an open–video ecosystem is something that's really vague and abstract, and hopefully I can do a good job explaining what it means me and what it means to us. The people that started the Open Video Alliance, they are four groups:
 –Kaltura, obviously makers of the really good open–source video platform.
 –Mozilla, makers of the Firefox web browser and really big proponents of standardizing <video> playback in the web browser in a way that's not closed-source, in a way that's not "building a black box."
 –The Yale Information Society Project, which is a really strong research center focused on issues of access to knowledge and information society, which video, and the way that video is treated, is a big part.
 –And lastly, the Participatory Culture Foundation, who make the Miro player, a really good video aggregator, that's something they use.

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