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Ben Moskowitz: For me, the idea of open video is the idea that the moving image belongs to everyone. It's the idea of democratizing the process of taking video content, sharing it with people, and doing stuff with it. It's the idea of enabling people to go beyond just watching. To do that, you need obviously web technology; for big institutions and for more complicated projects you'll need a video platform like the one from Kaltura. Some people just need video RSS, where everything's really simple. Then some people just need to be able to embed something in a web page. That's the technology. Even assuming that we have the technology to do that, in many cases what you're doing in open video is having a conversation with people. You're using video as a communicative method, almost as a vernacular, and you want to be able to do with video what you can do with text. By that I mean clipping, just copying part of a video, pasting it on a blog, and saying "look, this is really interesting," or re–purposing it or archiving it or indexing it. A lot of things that you want to do with video are hard to do because the technology isn't there or the law doesn't support the ability to do that.

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