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Audience: Can I ask a question? The transcription part of it, do you actually have a full transcription of it or just the metadata and keywords figured out? And is that an automatic process, or is somebody transcribing it?
George Chriss: There's a bunch of 'nos' to answer that question. 'No' the transcripts don't exist; 'no' many don't at this point, because I'm the only one that transcribes them thus far; 'yes' the video can be broken into categories so that you can say "this is a 20-minute Q&A;" within that there are clips, "OK, this person is speaking," so it shows a picture of the person; [finally,] "here's a full–text transcription of what they said, including keywords that you can categorize all of this stuff on."
Audience: So how do you get the full–text transcription?
George Chriss: You type very fast.
Audience: That's what I didn't want to hear!
Shay David: There are also tools—one of the purposes of the [Kaltura] app exchange is [the listing of] a company that I think you'll be very excited to meet <Leah Belsky: They can type faster than you!>, that does phonetic indexing that allows you to index and keyword everything. They are basically able to do phonetic searches with a learning matrix, so you would be able to connect them using George's technology with the another technology, and when we've finished launching this it's going to be something that you don't even need to program to be able to do, it's going to be "check the box, give me that, give me that [search capability]." "Press the button." But we're going to come to that.

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