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Shay David: Absolutely. We have someone working on tools like that. A really good example of this stuff is actually quite successful which is, you can check it out. That's a site that Kaltura has developed for over a year. People for the American Way is a left–wing organization with a right–wing name, it's actually very liberal. Norman [Manasa] owns a copy of the constitution, that's the type of person he is, and rumor is he lost it, like one of the only copies left. He's very into this notion of democratizing media, the notion of "we're losing a whole generation here of people that don't have access to the moon landing or the JFK assassination and Martin Luther King movement" that some of us in this room are old enough to remember. With more and more tools, in the age of the radio, at least that's what we hear from our (grand-)parents, they remember listening to this, and things like the moon landing are very visual experiences. Remix America is a site that takes that and uses classic text, visual text material from American encyclopedias and allow people to remix that. It's interesting to see how people are co-opting it and using it. That summer in Chicago, for example, in a media camp there was a summer camp for people learning film–making, and they used the Remix America's platform as a learning tool. So absolutely yes.

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