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Shay David: We are very very interested in this conversation, and trust me, I don't want to interrupt it, in exactly that next–generation level of technology, and it's a very large area. Automatic translation, transcription, subtitles, metadata extraction, phonetic indexing, visual recognition, and other technologies that could be very interesting depending on what you do, and then visual recognition. You could look at a movie and say "here's a person, and here's the background, and guess what, is that person a man or a woman?" "Guess what, we can tell the difference of a picture of Micheal Jackson in the background and the Statute of Liberty." If you start generating a stream of metadata, depending on the clarity and the types of objects that appear, it could be quite granular. You could recognize specific people if it knows that's your head, "what's the background?," so if you want to know add another data layer, you can recognize what's foreground and what's background and stuff like that. A lot of it sounds like science fiction, but already this is stuff that's very close to actually being used.

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