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Jake Brewer: The first kind of way that we'll talk about it, if you'd rather not talk about something in this format, then just say "I'd rather not talk about it."  But there's some real technical issues, there's four big ones.  It's "technical," then you have one I call "creative"—that you can shoot all the video in the world, and unless it's compelling in any kind of way then it's kinda not real useful, or getting it to a point where somebody can actually watch it or getting it out there to real people is important.  There's "legal"  and there's "distribution."  I'm going to leave off the last two for the sake of the time we have.  But thinking about "what do we need in order to do this?"  "How is it that we can create these infrastructural components?"  Then "how do we get real people to participate and do this stuff?"  Any questions?

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