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James Broadhurst: Good morning everyone. [Trustee: Good morning.] Thank you for being here on a timely basis on a very cold, dreary morning. We have to all be looking forward to a great Penn State weekend. Not only do we have the big event tomorrow but if you can't find something to do tonight then you just don't like to go out very often. Tonight we have Lady Lions Basketball at 7 o'clock, we have Women's Volleyball (of course our woman's volleyball team hasn't lost one game yet, let alone a match), that's at 7 o'clock, that's followed by the pep rally, Rally in the Valley. Should be exciting. We've got the Icers playing tonight, in the Bradford R. Boss Arena, against #10 Rhode Island. We have the Lady Icers playing tonight at 9:15 in the at the Greenberg Ice Pavilion [proper title: Penn State Ice Rink], and we have the annual Band-o-rama, which is in the Eisenhower Auditorium. That's the culmination of their season, all the songs that they play throughout the whole season and it really is the highlight of the band's year this year.

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