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Valarie Russell: Moving on to Deputy Commissioner for Election Publicity, Mr. Micheal Pipe.

Michael Pipe: Thanks very much.  Not many of you probably have seen my face, so I do plan on using the majority of my five minutes to tell you a little bit about who I am.  My name is Micheal Pipe and I'm a political science major.  I first came to Penn State in the fall of 2004 and barely survived East Halls.  My first foray into student government came during sophomore year.  I served as an executive vice president for South Halls Residence Association—our meetings were sparsely attended, and that inhibited us from getting anything concrete done.  I think that student government, largely, is the last thing on students' minds.  My junior year was spent largely out of Innovation Park, working on my political talk show called "Present Tense."  I asked many of my guests who came on the show and involved on the show who were involved in government, "how do we counter-act the apathy on campus?"

No answer seemed to satisfy me—this lead me to write, direct, and produce a mockumentary about the state of affairs of UPUA.  (Some of the stars are in the room right now, actually.)  My goal is to give students a different look at student government in a creative way.  I enlisted the help of six actors who made up different parts of the campaign team.  The final product, however, was not consumed en masse by the campus, but we had a good time doing it.

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