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Michael Pipe: After my junior year, I made the decision to drive out to Las Vegas, Nevada, to intern for a relatively unknown politician with a funny name.  After my summer internship ended I was offered a job by the campaign and jumped at the opportunity.  I spent a total of fifteen months working on the best–organized presidential campaign in American history.  I worked in eight different states for the campaign and organized alongside hundreds of fellow staffers and volunteers.  For three weeks in March 2008 I actually had the privilege of working here on-campus for the campaign.  The amazing students I've worked alongside of, and faculty, we registered thousands of new voters, and I'm positive that every one of you was asked "are you registered to vote?"  (I'm pretty sure, we try to do our best.)  I heard that many of the people that we brought into the process say that they felt empowered and in-turn what they did was they used their skills about what they learned about organizing to empower other students and other State College residents.  Some of them even took the opportunity to take off from fall 2008, the semester, to work on various campaigns.  As for me, I actually ended up working in the state up north, Michigan, for the general election.  On that bright night in November millions of peoples' dreams did come true.

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