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Michael Pipe: I got involved in Barack Obama's campaign because I was tired of hearing the refrain "young people don't care about politics, young people won't vote."  During my time in South Halls, I saw issues not being resolved because we didn't have enough people in a room.  When I worked on the UPUA mockumentary I witnessed student turnouts that were horrible for elections.  With these experiences in mind, I never expected to find myself working on a campaign for a bunch of 20–somethings working together to make history.  That experience of traveling around the country, working here at Penn State, taught me that there is so much hope for students in this country and here for our University.  We can get, and I will help to get, tens of thousands of students to come out and vote for UPUA, and I'm going to help recruit hundreds of students to get out and help get out the vote for UPUA.  Thanks, and if you have any questions I hope to answer them.

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