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Valarie Russell: Questions?  Rep. Colleen Smith?

Colleen Smith: Hi.  Do you have any specific plans or ideas on how to get students with specific ideas involved in the battle?

Micheal Pipe: What was your last name?  Smith?  Sure, three things: we need to get students interested in feeling like they have a voice in the process, so what I'd like to do is recruit students to basically do student ones–on–ones's, and what this would basically would we would sit down with students, tomorrow, and start asking them "what are the issues that you want to see your student government talk about?"  I think this is going to help us generate a lot of buzz on campus and begin momentum.  I think that one of the problems of past elections is that the first time student would actually start thinking about voting was on election day, so you would have no momentum, so we can create that momentum early–on, get students engaged, I think that we will have a great chance of getting a good turn–out.  That's #1, sitting down with students and talking with them.

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