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Valarie Russell: Rep. Karasik?

Andrew Karasik: During your interview in the ID committee [Internal Development Committee] you talked about how you wanted to get debates and events and coverage televised on various channels.  Could you please elaborate on that so that everyone could understand that?

Michael Pipe: Yeah, sure.  Before I actually went on the Obama campaign I was the president–elect of Penn State Network Television, which basically had a few shows.  I had a talk show, but I still have a rapport with them.  I think one of the things we could do is talk with them about actually filming these events, putting them on TV first–off (I don't know if it's channel 33 or 72), but that is available for students to watch.  Also, putting these up on the web.  The big thing with that, the concern for anybody who knows film, is editing.

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