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George Chriss

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Title: George Chriss

A run-through of how CongressCamp 2009 sessions are recorded, published, and transcribed.

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Noel Dickover: Did we get everybody? OK, do we want to go through the introductions/scheduling?

Wayne Moses Burke: Let's let—I keep wanting to call you Chris, I'm so sorry—George Chriss, not Chris George, talk a little about the video, and if there's anything you need to say.

Hi everybody.
Noel Dickover: He's got a real nametag, look at that!
This is from the Open Video Conference, a very "hot" conference, New York University, just a few months ago. A lot of the ideas that came out of this conference we're starting to extend into new markets, new ideas, new areas such as governance.

On that note I'm happy to be here. I would actually take a little bit of an exception [in] that this mic does amplify your voice—not in this room, but online. <room laughter>
Treat it accordingly.

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Once again my name is George Chriss.
I am the A/V tech guy for the rooms upstairs, one of two. (Dazza Greenwood is also doing a bit of livecasting, so that's pretty cool.) There are four video–enabled rooms, plus two audio–only captures upstairs. This is not live broadcasting, but rather it's captured in it's entirety, both today and tomorrow. It is professionally edited; this takes some time, so be patient, please. I could use some help with that. If anybody's interested please do approach me. It is archived to the Internet Archive, then released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. It does go out by BitTorrent so that people can get a quick copy. On top of that it's actually brought into a new MetaVidWiki platform called, and that's the logo you saw previously.

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What [] is: if anybody has seen or heard of, they take C-SPAN footage, they strip out the C-SPAN logo and they make the entire video text–searchable according to at least government–provided sources. We're a bit different in that the transcripts don't yet exist, but that's why there's a wiki that enables that.

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I'll just close by saying that if anybody does want to be taken off–the–record, either because you said something you wish you hadn't or if you are a privacy and/or anonymity advocate, I'd be happy to do so. Please do approach me [or] make a verbal note saying that "this portion of the conversation is off–record," or find a different room that doesn't have A/V gear upstairs. (Please don't touch the equipment as it is a bit sensitive.)
I will be running around frantically trying to manage all of this; the cameras are stationary, there's not a camera–person designated for every room.

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I think I covered everything. Are there any questions for me? Anybody?

Question: What's the URL again of where they will be posted ultimately?

Noel Dickover: We'll be linking them from

To answer the question fully: is the Internet Archive, it is a library in California. That is the primary point of publication. From there, they're copied into for the MetaVid work. You can follow OpenMeetings on Twitter or, which is really great because it is also under CC-Attribution so I can actually reuse the tweets as you provide them. Are there any other questions?

Audience: Thank you.

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